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Fitness Declaration

I undertake that I shall at all times observe and comply with the rules and regulations of the Irish Tax Institute applicable to the conduct of its members (including student members), including without limitation the rules set out in the Bye-Laws and in the Code of Professional Conduct, and that I shall observe and comply with such rules both in the letter and in the spirit. I further undertake that I shall not, whether by act or by omission, engage in conduct tending to bring myself, the Irish Tax Institute or its members into disrepute.


I also declare that


(a) I have not been convicted of an indictable offence other than one prescribed by the Road Traffic Acts :

(b) I am not more than six months in arrears in paying to the Institute any sum which has become payable by me to the Institute; 

(c) I have not, under any resolution of creditors or order of any court having jurisdiction or any deed or document, had my estate placed in liquidation for the benefit of creditors, nor have I been subject to an order of bankruptcy from which I am not discharged; 

(d) I am not disqualified by the High Court from being a company director.

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I have read and understand the Irish Tax Institute’s Tax Technician Course Information and Regulations 2019/2020 including the rules and regulations and agree to be bound by all decisions of the Education Committee. 

I have achieved the minimum educational requirements and will forward a copy of my results to support my application for registration as a Student Member of the Irish Tax Institute.

I hereby give notice that I wish to present myself for the Tax Technician Examinations. I have given the information required of me by the Education Committee. 

I declare that the information given is correct. I acknowledge that making this Declaration falsely may result in my expulsion as a student from all or any courses organised by the Irish Tax Institute. 

I declare all of the above*